What’s Book Mama reading? “Innocent” by Scott Turow.

Yes, it’s true I love children’s literature, but I also reading grownup stuff.  Much of which is so very not child-appropriate.  In fact, the more inappropriate the better, if you ask me.

Never a huge fan of mystery books.  (Unlike Book Grannie who is nearly surrounded with Grisham and Patterson)  However, I did read and love “Presumed Innocent” when I was probably a little too young to be engrossed in a story about dead mistresses, unfaithful husbands and vengeful wives.

So imagine my delight when I heard Mr. Turow had written a sequel!

And it’s just as juicy!  Many of the old characters are back but 20 years older and still trying to deal with the actions of their younger selves (join the club!).  So far I’ve encounter a healthy dose of murder, sex, politics, love and the law.  And I can feel some serious regret, forgiveness and redemption headed my way.

Loving it!

Innocent” by Scott Turow

And if you haven’t read the original, it’s a fantastic ride with a twist ending that you’ll never see coming.  (Unless you saw the Harrison Ford movie)

“Presumed Innocent” by Scott Turow

Wine that goes best with this book — A big full-bodied Cab.


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