Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew. A new twist on an old favorite.

Admit it.  You wanted to be Nancy Drew when you were a kid.

You dreamed of living in River Heights and tooling around in that blue convertible with Ned at your side as you solved dangerous mysteries.

I sat down not long ago and reread “The Secret of the Old Clock” which I hesitate to say suddenly felt very dated to me. This, I confess, was something of a crushing blow seeing as years ago, I had carefully boxed up my rather vast collection of “Nancy Drew” books in the hopes that I would one day have a daughter to present them to.

Now that I have a child nearing “Nancy Drew” age, I was devastated when I realized that she likely will not fall in love with Nancy and her pals the way I did.

Over the years, the Nancy Drew franchise ghost written by Carolyn Keene has had several incarnations, but one of the newest the “Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew” is arguable the cutest.

The Crew Clue series, launched in 2006, was written for girls 8 – 12.  In these books, a modern-day Nancy and her pals Bess and George are 8-year-old detectives solving slightly more domestic crimes like stolen toys and a wedding cake with a slice mysteriously missing!

More accessible than the original series and easier to read, these are great books for your little detective!


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