Mission Statement, Disclaimer and Other General Excuses.

The Book Mama is a blog dedicated to kids’ book — from easy readers up to YA — that the big Book Mama (that’s me) likes, loves and even adores.

I’m not doing “reviews” because who wants to waste time talking about a book they don’t like?  Well, at least, I don’t.    So if it’s on this site, that means I like it.

Simple as that.

Now, if a book isn’t on the site, it doesn’t necessarily mean I don’t like it.  It could just be that —

1.  I haven’t read it yet.

2.  I have read it but haven’t gotten around to putting it on the site.

3.  Or I did read it and don’t like it.

If you find you don’t share my taste – no worries.  Start your own blog why don’t you?  But I’m happy to hear about anything you’ve read recently that you liked and think is good for the book babies!

Good reading!

The Book Mama


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