Best Kid’s Books to Just Leave in the Car

A battered, old copy of “Where’s Waldo?” has been living in the backseat of my car for months.  My kid never seem to tire of searching for Waldo or Odlaw or that strange little dog.  In fact, just yesterday my friend’s teenager picked it up with a gleeful “Oh I love Waldo!” and proceeded to spend the 15 minute car ride studying it with her little sister.

I know that one of the best things about being in the car with your kids is that they’re a captive audience, trapped backed there and often willing to have an actual conversation you.  But it doesn’t hurt of have a backseat book for those times when you’re driving and you need to concentrate on texting while putting on mascara.  (Oh settle down, I’m kidding)

Here are my favorite “waste-a-little-time-while-potentially-increasing-brain-cells” books.

– The “Waldo” series started in England in 1987 and to date there are dozens of different “Waldo” books.  This particular one happens to be the book that currently resides in my car.


– Did you know that Charlie Brown’s father is a barber?  Or that Tokyo has the world’s largest bowling alley?  How about that in Oklahoma it’s illegal to hunt for whale?   For a few thousand things you might want to know, but probably don’t, pick up one of the many books by the Society for Useless Information.


– The world record for continually chewing a piece of gum is 4 months. My daughter is determined to break this record.   She made it almost two days before her karate teacher made her spit it out.  No!  And we were so close.  I guess making it into the Guinness World Book is not an easy journey, but reading about some of the crazier records is a blast.


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