A Bunch of Things You Didn’t Know You Needed to Know About Nancy Drew

The first Nancy Drew book

1.  The fantastic Nancy Drew, girl detective, was created in 1930 by Edward Stratemeyer, founder of the Stratemeyer Syndicate book packaging firm. Stratemeyer had created the Hardy Boys series in 1926 (although the first volumes were not published until 1927). The series had been such a success that he decided to create a similar series for girls, with an amateur girl detective as the heroine.  The books have been ghostwritten by a number of authors and are published under the collective pseudonym Carolyn Keene.

2. Early on, a blonde (!) Nancy Drew was accompanied by a character named Helen Corning on adventures, but soon Helen was replaced by the classic foil characters, Bess Marvin and George Fayne. Bess and George are cousins and help Nancy, whose hair was suddenly described as Titian, solve her mysteries.

3.Nancy Drew made her cinema debut in 1938 and 1939 when Bonita Granville starred in four movies about the teenage detective. Forty years later, Nancy appeared on television in weekly mystery episodes starring Pamela Sue Martin, and later, Janet Louise Johnson.

4.While solving some 500 mysteries since 1930, Nancy Drew’s car has been yellow, green and even maroon.  (Which is funny since I remember it being blue)

Someone buy me a mug!

5. What’s your feeling on a series starring Diana Dare, Stella Strong, Nan Nelson or Helen Hale?  Those are a few names creator Edward Stratemeyer pitched before landing on Nancy Drew. To make matters worse, the first choice was Nan Drew, but his wise editors thought lengthening the name to “Nancy” made it roll off the tongue a little better.

6. Stratemeyer allegedly wrote all of the plot outlines, but he hired someone else to do the actual story writing.  I remember being stunned to discover that Carolyn Keene was a psudenom.  The original writer’s name was Mildred Wirt and she was paid $125 to $250 for each book she wrote. She also received one fifth of the royalties from any book she had written. She didn’t write all of them, but Wirt is largely regarded as having the most influence on how the series was developed.

7. Many very influential, powerful and intelligent women (as well as yours truly) have cited Nancy Drew as one of their favorite book series and even go so far as to say that the character helped them realize that women could do anything. This includes Sandra Day O’Connor, Sonia Sotomayor, Hilary Clinton, Laura Bush, Barbara Walters and Ruth Bader Ginsberg.  All this despite the fact that Stratemeyer firmly stated that a woman’s place was in the home.  Ironically, his two daughters grew up to have controlling stakes in Stratemeyer Syndicate and wrote for various Stratemeyer’s book series, including the Hardy Boys.  Sorry daddy.

8. Stratemeyer Syndicate was responsible for several children’s book series.  So if certain series from the era seem rather formulaic… well, you get the point.  Other Stratemeyer Syndicate series included The Bobbsey Twins, Tom Swift, The Dana Girls Mystery Stories and The Kay Tracey Mysteries.

9. In France, Nancy Drew was renamed Alice Roy; Kitty Drew in Sweden; Paula Drew in Finland; Miss Detective in Norway, although inside the book she’s still known as Nancy.  Strangely in Germany, Nancy is a law student who goes by the name Susanne Langen — uh, shouldn’t that just be a different series?

10. Some guys just can’t take a hint.  Poor Ned Nickerson spends all of his time pining after Nancy, who isn’t nearly as invested in him.  In the first Nancy Drew silver screen adaptation (1938), even his name wasn’t good enough – screenwriters thought the name “Ned” was dated and renamed him “Ted.”  And when Nancy finally goes to college in 1995 in the”Nancy Drew on Campus” series, readers were invited to call a 1-800 number to vote on whether Nancy should keep dating Ned or start playing the field.  Readers overwhelmingly voted for a new boyfriend and the rest of the series featured a new beau named Jake.  Aw, poor Ned.

11. Russell Tandy was the illustrator of the original series, creating dust jackets and internal illustrations for the first 26 books. But that was just one of his gigs: he also drew six Hardy Boys covers, served as a fashion illustrator for high-end department stores, illustrated for Butterick Patterns and also designed the Jantzen swimwear logo. Plus, he had friends in high places: he counted Ernest Hemingway, Salvador Dali and Norman Rockwell among his nearest and dearest.

12. Of all of the Nancy Drew books, sales show that the second book in the series, “The Hidden Staircase”, is the fan favorite. As of 2001, it had sold 1,821,457 copies, making it #68 on a list of top 100 all-time bestselling children’s books. This puts Team Nancy ahead of Eloise, Charlotte’s Web, Yertle the Turtle and Curious George.

13. If you love Nancy Drew you can attend the 2011 Nancy Drew Convention in Charlottesville VA.    You can get more info at http://www.ndsleuths.com/ndsconventions.html

I'm a medium.

14.  If you’re looking for ideas for my Christmas gift, check out Nancy Drew Cafepress store for tons of fun Nancy Drew stuff.  http://www.cafepress.com/nancydrewshop.

Great websites and my sources.

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